The International Training Program on Credit Quality Management

Bandung, 30-31 August 2017

Participant : Credit Manager of The Bank of Ceylon , Srilanka

Credit Quality Management is core process for commercial banks. Therefore, the ability to manage its process is essential for the success of bank’s businesses. Credit Quality Management goes beyond the ordinary dimension of loan administration. It involves the anticipation of problem loans. This demand an ability to perceive the early warning signals, which necessitates a control of both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of credit evaluation. Effective credit management separates loan review from credit analysis. The review process can be divided into two functions- monitoring the performance of existing loan and handling problem loans. The obvious and more serious banking problems arises due poor portfolio risk management, or a lack of attention to change in economic or

circumstance. Therefore, the banking industry has been focusing more attention than ever on credit quality management.

Based on the aforementioned background, the APRACA Consultancy Services (ACS) intend to organize the International Training Program on Credit Quality management to enhance the

capacity of APRACA members.

After the training the participants are expected to:

 Understand on the fundamental of credit risk management;

 Understand on business risk;

 Gain practical experiences of micro, small and medium loan evaluation effectively;

 Excellent opportunity to conduct loan discipline effectively;

 Know how to monitor and manage loan portfolio effectively;

 Identify and solve loan problem on time;

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