Analysis of Global FDI and GDP – Linear Regression Model ISSN:2277-9655

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES & RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY ANALISYS OF GLOBAL FDI AND GDP – LINEAR REGRESSION MODEL Ahmad Subagyo Lecturer Management of STIE GICI Depok – Indonesia ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to examine the relationship theoretically global Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to the global GDP of all countries in the world. This study emphasizes the relationship between global GDP and global FDI in all countries in the world, whether in theory has a … [Read more...]

The Saving and Loan Coopratives Model In Indonesia ISBN: 978-974-231-888-8

THE SAVING AND LOAN COOPERATIVES MODEL IN INDONESIA Ahmad Subagyo STIE GICI Business School, Indonesia ABSTRACT Cooperatives have played a significant role especially for the poor people in the Micro, Small, and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs). Saving and Loan cooperatives in Indonesia have been in existence since the Dutch colonization in the 19th century to provide alternative financial services for the poor and needy people to help themselves. The purpose of this study is to (1) … [Read more...]