Karya Ilmiah dan Publikasi Ilmiah Lima Tahun terakhir

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Gofur Ahmad and Ahmad Subagyo
It is Case Study from Indonesia in Asymmetric Relationship Banking Ratio-            Indonesia Moneter Variable. Volume 119 No. 18 2018, 169-177. International  Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. ISSN. 1314-3395 (online version). url. http:/www.acadpubl.eu/hub/special Issue          https://acadpubl.eu/hub/2018-119-18/1/14.pdf

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Ahmad Subagyo (2015)
 The Saving and Loan Cooperative Model in Indonesia 
 Proceeding of the First International Conference on Multidisciplinary in Management. Hosted by The International College of The National Institute of Development Administration Bangkok, Thailand. October-30,2015.  ISBN : 978-974-231-888-8 
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